Vancouver Hand-knitted baby blankets

Hand-Knit Baby Blankets

Make a love statement with a Scalda Cuori blanket.

  • Thick, cozy, and warm
  • Machine washable, delicate cycle (cold or warm)
  • Dryer friendly
  • Size and colours of your choice

Made to Order

These hand-knit baby blankets are made to order. No two are alike.

Look for inspiration in image gallery

Are you ready to make a difference? I am!


The Cable Blanket

The cable hand-knit blanket is one of my favourites.

It can be made in 35,000 different ways.


The Quadra Blanket

The Quadra blanket is square with a square pattern.

It symbolizes open-mindedness.

Hand-knit blanket soft pink

The Custom Blanket

Every hand-knit baby blanket is custom-made.

You don’t think you are artistic?  This is about love.  You’ll find the inspiration.


The Rombo Blanket

Touch the sky with this tri-tone hand-knit blanket.

Just like a kite.


The Tria Blanket

You don’t have to love geometry to fall in love with a Tria hand-knit baby blanket.


not only can they have as many colours as you want … they also all have their own names

hand-knitted blanket

Here Comes the Sun

hand-knitted blanket

cuore giorno e notte

cuore mare e monti

Mountain of hand knit blankets

Mountain of Blankets


Scalda Cuori offers an infinite choice of colours, from the muted tones of Scandinavian Enchanted Forest to the vibrant tones of Mediterranean Magic.

Let us know via email what you like and we will send you photos.  Visit our Gallery to see exampleS of colour combinations.